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Tree Service Wadena

Let the professionals at Nic’s Works give your trees the TLC they deserve!

Tree Service Wadena

Known in Wadena for their tree removal services, the laborers at Nic’s Works Tree Service are also specialists in rectifying damage done by storms, lot clearing, stump grinding, high risk trimming and buckthorn removal. As a full service tree maintenance company, Nic’s Works tackles those hard to handle jobs that almost always require the employment of a professional.

Storm Damage

The weather, such as wind storms, hail, snow and extreme rain can be very detrimental to your trees. Trees depend on healthy conditions and maintenance to survive in Wadena. Because of their sheer size and weight, trees can be natural hazards after storms such as these and therefore need to be handled by professionals. Nic’s Works is experienced in tree reparation after these kinds of events and have both the knowledge and the expert tools with which to handle broken, scarred or weakened trees. All of the services offered are done with your safety and the tree’s health in mind.

Lot Clearing

Clearing commercial or residential lots of trees for new construction or leveling land can be a hefty job. Nic’s Works employs the proper equipment to get the job done. With commercial grade trucks and industry level tools in their arsenal of arbor maintenance, Nic’s leaves the land or lot completely cleared to your individual liking. Nic’s Works, LLC Tree Servicing as a whole is devoted to uphold the continued satisfaction of its customers and guarantee that each job will be done right the first time.

High Risk Trimming

Maintaining an appealing landscape at your home or business in Wadena relies on the health and beauty of your trees. Keeping them trimmed is not only pleasing on the eyes, it’s also an essential part of keeping your trees healthy. Nic’s Works is there to trim and shape those hard to reach or inaccessible branches and too-high tree lines, ensuring a finished, refined look every time.

Call Nic’s Works LLC Tree Services for an assessment on your commercial or residential tree servicing needs, today!

Stump Grinding

Exposed tree stumps can be hazardous. Aside from being aesthetically displeasing, they can also provide something for people and workers on your property to trip or run over. Should anything occur on your land due to the presence of the tree stump, it immediately becomes a liability. Tree stumps can also cause new tree growth. Though the stump itself won’t sprout a new tree, smaller blooms or trees can grow in and around the stump while small pests and insects are attracted to the exposed wood. Avoid any type of risk, eyesore or pest problem by ridding your yard of these troublesome tree stumps.

Buckthorn Removal

Buckthorn is an extremely invasive plant that smothers and spreads across almost the entire nation. Because of its resilient nature, buckthorn can live healthily just about anywhere. The easiest time to identify buckthorn is in the winter when it remains green amongst the other, browning fauna. Eliminating this detrimental shrub is extremely important for the health of your land as it can spread quickly and kill trees and plants that might be a part of your landscape.

Nic’s Works, LLC Tree Services has been servicing the Wadena area, responding to the repair and maintenance needs of property owners. Their specialities range from storm damage to high risk trimming.  Don’t wait until your tree problem gets out of hand and causes other issues  on your land, call Nic’s Works today and leave your tree maintenance and repair to professionals you can trust. With their outstanding reputation in Wadena, you can’t go wrong by calling Nic’s Works LLC Tree Service!

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