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5 FAQs About Stump Grinding

Stumpgrinding is a common and effective method for removing tree stumps fromyour property. Nic’s Tree Works, a professional stump grinding service inCentral Minnesota, has the answers to the five most commonly asked questionsabout this service.

1. Is Stump Grinding Different from Stump Removal?

Yes. Stump removal involves digging out the entire stump androot system, which can be a lengthy and labor-intensive process. Stump grindinginvolves using a machine to grind the stump down into small pieces, which canthen be used as mulch or removed from the site.

2. Is Stump Grinding More Cost-effective Than Stump Removal?

Yes. Because stump grinding is a quicker process than stumpremoval, it's often much less expensive. Additionally, because the ground isnot disturbed as much during stump grinding, there is less restoration workrequired after the job is complete.

3. How Deep Does Stump Grinding Go?

Most stump grinding machines have a maximum depth of 12-15inches. However, it isn’t often necessary to go this deep. Nic’s Tree Worksprofessionals evaluate your tree stump and grind it to a necessary depthaccording to the stump size and the property owner’s plans. Smaller trees aretypically ground until the stump is completely gone (6-15 inches). Larger treesmay require the maximum depth to prevent regrowth and to level the ground.

4. Will a Tree Grow Back After Stump Grinding?

Most Minnesota tree species do not grow back after beingground away. This includes pines, oaks, maples, poplars, cedars, river birch,and Leyland cypresses. Other wood species can sprout from roots, but not often.These include gum, hickory, cherry, and holly trees. We grind these as deep aspossible to prevent regrowth.

5. Is Stump Grinding Environmentally Friendly?

Yes. Stump grinding reduces the remaining tree into woodchips, which can be used as mulch to reduce waste, use in landscaping, fuelyour fire pit or smoker, and help improve soil quality.

Precision Stump Grinding by Experts

Stump grinding is an effective and cost-efficient method forremoving tree stumps from your property. Nic’s Works, LLC, Professional TreeService is the premier tree care expert in Central Minnesota. We offer treeremoval, trimming, pruning, storm cleanup, stump removal, and otherlandscape-clearing services.

Our trained and insured teams know how to work safely andquickly to remove tree stumps while causing minimal disruption to your yard orproperty. Contact us today to remove unsightly and unsafe tree stumps from yourresidential or commercial property.    

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