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Lot Clearing

Lot Clearing for Summertime Construction in Minnesota

Summertime is the perfect time for construction projects,and if you're planning to build a new home or commercial property in Minnesota,you know the importance of preparing the lot beforehand. One crucial step in the preparation process is lot clearing, which involves removing trees, bushes, rocks, and any other obstacles that could impede construction.

Lot clearing is a complex and challenging process that requires expertise and experience. Nic’s Works Tree Service, LLC, reviews whatis involved in our professional lot clearing services.

Site Evaluation

The first step in lot clearing is to evaluate the site to determine the scope of the work. This involves assessing the size of the lot,the type and density of vegetation, and the presence of any structures or obstacles that need removal.

Nic’s Works handles all the vegetation, brush, trees,stumps, and debris removal so grading and construction teams have a clear pathfor installing drainage and other property elements for your construction project.

Tree and Brush Removal

Tree removal is a critical aspect of lot clearing, as trees can pose a significant hazard to construction sites. Trees can fall or drop branches, causing damage to equipment, structures, or even personnel. Nic’sWorks, LLC, has the specialized equipment and our specialists use the latest techniques for tree removal. This ensures safety and avoids damage to nearby equipment, structures, or other property.

Stump Removal

After the trees are removed, the stumps must also be removed. Stumps can cause problems for construction equipment and workers and attract pests and insects. Nic’s Works can dig out stumps entirely or use stump grinders to level them, as required for your specific construction parameters.

Debris Removal

Nic’s Tree Works knows how many lot clearing companies cut down trees, mow brush, and leave a messy cleanup for the property owners. Notus – our teams remove all the debris from the site, including branches, leaves,rocks, and other waste materials. We haul away the debris using trucks or other equipment to dispose of it properly. With Nic’s Works, your lot will be completely clear, when and how you need it.

Central Minnesota Lot Clearing Company

Lot clearing is a crucial step in preparing a construction site for summertime construction. It involves a complex and challenging process that requires expertise and experience. Nic’s Works is a professional Minnesota Lot Clearing Company that ensures your lot clearing process is done efficiently and safely.

If you're planning to build a new home or commercial property this summer, make sure you call Nic’s Works Tree Service, LLC, to getthe job done right.    

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